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Spice Gas which obtained the right for sales, promotion and marketing related activities of LPG pack cylinder and DS Enterprises is the owner of the exclusive license holder of Spice Gas. Approved by Govt. of India, (PESO).

Spice Gas teams are working on LPG ( Liquefied Petroleum Gas ) bottling plant with the capacity of 20 x 2 MT, refilling,marketing and distribution services for the consumers through our approved Distributors/ Dealers. DS Enterprises obtained the requisite approval from the Ministry of Commerce & Industries,Govt.Of India, Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organisation ( PESO ).

Our primary nature of service and business is refilling and supply of special grade LPG packed Cylinders from our authorised Refilling Plants and its distribution and marketing to our esteemed consumers through our appointed Distributors / Dealers.Our marketing jurisdiction covers West Bengal , Bihar, Jharkhand and entire North Eastern States of India ( Assam , Arunachal Pradesh , Manipur , Meghalaya , Mizoram , Nagaland and Tripura ).

We are ready to serve special grade refilled LPG packed cylinders for Domestic , Commercial , Industrial and Multi-Storied Apartments with (Reticular Gas System ) with congenial atmosphere by letting them availing the best product at affordable and reasonable price with over all safety parameters for the consumers.

We have started recommending / appointing Distributors and Dealers to start a noble and profitable business for distributing special grade refilled LPG packed cylinders both for Domestic and Commercial consumers in the entire North East States of India.

Our operational expansion at the other parts of India is in the process and on the pipeline programme.

We are planning and looking forward to fill the gap between the demand and supply of LPG segment.We provide and supply special grade refilled LPG cylinders in various proportions like 6 kg , 15 kg , 17 kg and 22 kg along with suitable and comfortable supportive consumer oriented services at affordable rate (as per Government’s price fixation from time to time )

Safety and security is our prime and foremost concern , so we take extreme care and pursuit our best efforts to supply special grade LPG cylinders which is approved and certified by BIS ( Bureau of Indian Standard ) for their detonation safeties as these LPG components and pressure are skilfully designed in such a way to obtain the maximum required calories for speedy cooking with economic and standard fabrications. Customer friendly & satisfaction is our humble objective.

Spice Gas

(LPG Bottling plants in North East India)

Brahampur, Ahomgaon, Nagaon
20 x 2MT, Approval No.: A/S/HO/AS/03/78 (S71318)


Jollang Village, Itanagar
20 x 2MT, Approval No.: A/S/HO/AR/03/5 (S92772)

Arunachal Pradesh

MaibamChingmang, Bishnupur
20 x 2MT, Approveal No.: A/S/HO/MN/03/6 (S92328)


DamaraPathar Ural, Sonapur, East Kamrup
20 x 2MT, Approval No.: A/S/HO/AS/03/96 (S92773)


Pawihchhek, Muallungthu, Aizwal
20 x 2MT, Approval No.: A/S/HO/MZ/03/2 (S92920)



The first private Sector LPG Bottling Plant in North East States of India.
Approved by IPPL (INDIANOIL) to Supply LPG Raw Materials.
Company got State approval for installation of Bottling Plant.
Company got approval from CCOE. (PESO).
Company was promoted in the year 2016.
Entered LPG business in 2013.


1. To Supply Gas Energy to all sectors.
2. To become a popular LPG brand leader and role model in the broad based energy business sector.
3. Serving clean LPG Gas for domestic, public and private transport, industrial establishment for pollution free environment.
4. To provide customer’s flexibility in the fast and competitive market for divergent LPG , parts and fuel additives.
5. To contribute towards the conservation of environment by offering safe and clean fuel energy.
6. To become a costumer frendly branded LPG supplier for alternative fuel kits in the Indian market.